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Been a while since I last did a top here we go again!
Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? Tracy Island...
Rizzle Kicks - When I Was A Youngster Yes it's mainstream, but it does remind me of my youth...FIFA Street 1...oh yes 
Jeff Buckley - So Real What. A. Voice.
Rory Gallagher - Crest Of A Wave I am a boy of my dad's heart it seems. 
B-52's - Give Me Back My Man. I have no idea what they're talking about...but I like it

What Lucy Cox has been loving this week:

My big you tube find is Walk Off The Earth so I've been listening to their covers of Love the way you lie - Rhianna ft Eminem

Then Somebody that I used to know - Gotye

And Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

Then after being introduced to Rhythm Del Mundo I've listened to a more chilled out version of Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana.

Finally my Fave listen of the week has been the Katherine Jenkins song which she performed for the Dr. Who Christmas special, Abigail's Song

What Drew Cox has been loving this week:

This weeks 5 songs are all to do with Valentines Day (love songs basically) as that was this week.

Arctic Monkeys - Baby I'm Yours.This is a very romantic tune...early Arctics

Rizzle Kicks - Night And Day. This song was made available on Valentines Day via twitter. Good free stuff

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back. Classic choon.

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love. Another great song. Shame Valentines wasn't on a Friday this year.

Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady. Why not?

All my top 5 are covers this week.

The Soul Rebels Brass Band - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This (Later Live with Jools Holland) :

The Kooks - Are You Ready For Love Salsa style :

The Gossip - Careless Whisper ( Radio 1 Live Cover ) Made a classic an indie-punk tune:

Arctic Monkeys - Katy On A Mission (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 2012) Quality:

Fightstar - Battlefield (BBC Radio1 Live Lounge) Turned shit pop music into a respectable acoustic track:

What Drew Cox has been loving this week:

Crocodile Rock by Elton John. One of my childhood favourite songs, used to love this as a kid, and still do.

I Wish by Stevie Wonder. Funky.

Down By The Seaside by Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant features on guitar in this track, which is summery, which is good.

Right more top 5: Eddie's Gun by The Kooks. A song about premature ejaculation. 'Nuff said.

What Drew Cox has been loving this week:

  • Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) "This is an odd coice for me, but I just like the song. It's definitely a grower."

  • Arctic Monkeys - Balaclava "This song is just great. The jumping bassline at the start to the funky breakdown at the end. Did I mention that the song has a cowbell in it? Oh yes."

  • Bombay Bicycle Club - Bad Timing "A great song from my fave album of 2011. The chords are quite strange, which is why I like it."

  • The Maccabees - Child "Just one of many great songs off their new album which is currently my favourite album of 2012. The drumbeat in this song is great, and its very mellow and calm. But towards the end it speeds up which is a good feature to the song."

  •  The Guillemots- Train To Brazil "What a song. Completely forgot about this song until it came on during and iPod 'shuffle' sesh. May sound weird but it was a football coach in Hong Kong who recommenend the song. He saw my mum had bought me Eminem (yes I used to like him) and told me I should listen to this, as he said it was 'real music'. I couldn't agree moremore. The brass section in the song is great."

What Drew Cox has been loving this week:

What Claire Evans is loving at the moment:
At the moment totally in love with Good Charlotte. I've always loved their first two albums (Good Charlotte and The Young and The Hopeless) but wasn't so keen on the later stuff. However, listened to it again recently and totally loved it right away. Ordered the two albums 'The Chronicles of Life and Death' and 'Good Morning Revival' and they're fantastic. My favourite songs are 'Predictable', 'The Truth' and 'March On', but I seriously love every track.

I've been so obsessed that I haven't listened to much else this week. Oh, apart from a bit of Kill Hannah, another of my all time favourite bands. 'Lips Like Morphine' is possibly my favourite song in the world. Ever.

In 2012, at the moment I'm not into much of the 'hot new talent' that all the music press is talking about, but amongst the stuff I'm not so keen on there's gonna be some good albums and stuff this year.
First thing I'm looking forward to is a new EP from Hearts Under Fire at the end of this month. Energy, pure rock, and as a bonus, it's a girl band.
Pretty much my favourite band in the world, Bullet For My Valentine, are releasing an album later this year. I love everything they've done so far, so I'm pretty sure I'll like the next album too.

Rage Against The Machine are also going to be releasing an album. Not one of my favourite bands, but still looking forward to hearing it because they always come up with something decent.
The Madden Brothers (of Good Charlotte) are doing an acoustic album together as well which should be good because I love the way they harmonise their voices on all the GC tracks, and they always incorporate real energy and attitude into songs that are also very musically good. If that makes sense.

Check Out Claire's Blog Here:

5 songs Tom Hooper is listening to this week:

1. Layla - Derek and the Dominoes - 1970
"I heard this on the radio the other day and I just can't stop listening to it. One of the most recognisable riffs ever to grace music from Eric Clapton himself, and a fantastic song throughout. Brilliant."

2. Under a Paper Moon - All Time Low- 2011
"Firstly, thanks to Jane Fell for getting me into All Time Low, possibly my favourite band at the moment, who provide a sound similar to such bands as Fall Out Boy and Blink-182. This song, taken from their fourth studio album, "Dirty Work", is probably one of my favourite songs from them and the one I am probably listening to most at the moment. An upbeat rock song, with a memorable chorus, as well as some solid guitar work and great vocals from Alex Gaskarth, deserves a place in this list for me."

3. Beth/Rest - Bon Iver - 2011
"The final song from their newest album, self-titled "Bon Iver", is a heavy indie-folk ballad that combines fantastic vocal talent from Justin Vernon with backing from horns, pianos and guitars to name a few, making for an epic sounding track to finish off the album. Simply sublime."

4. Praise You - Fatboy Slim - 1999
"This song, by English big-beat genius Norman Cook, or Fatboy Slim, is a fantastic example of his work and is, in my opinion, what dance music should be. It samples heavily from the opening of "Take Yo' Praise" from Camille Yarbrough and is incredibly catchy.
Also the video is utterly brilliant, well worth a watch."

5. Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) - Limp Bizkit - 2001
"This heavy nu-metal single from the bizarrely titled album "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot-Dog Flavoured Water" might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a truly a great, extremely catchy tune.
The video is also one of the greatest rock videos ever made, filmed atop the World Trade Centre, merely days before its destruction in 9/11. It was Limp Bizkit's only number one and features massive guitar chords and rapping with an extremely memorable chorus."

5 Songs Drew Cox  is loving at the moment.

1) Smith Westerns - Weekend
"T-Rex influenced fuzz guitar riff. Catchy as hell chorus. What more could you want? The single cover is a smiley face. Shows what the song
3) Friends - I'm His Girl

"The bass line for 'Juicy' drives the song and is just great. Old school rap is the best kind. Great stuff."

5) The Kooks - The Saboteur